Sunday, February 3, 2008

I have been very busy lately tending to my youngest daughter, who was hospitalized with double pneumonia.  (She is much better now, thank heavens.) Therefore, I am way behind with blogging and picture taking.  One of my youngest daughter's favorite things is birds.  She used to try to chase them when she was a toddler and would look so crestfallen when they flew away from her! We spotted this woodpecker about a week ago in the bush right outside our kitchen window.  We had just filled the feeder and were thrilled to see him!  We think his home is in the top of one of our dying trees.  He has been back several times.  Luckily, while sitting in the hospital, I had lots of time to knit.  I will be posting some pictures of finished objects soon. Hope everyone is having a healthy New Year so far.

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